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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

Coventry - Leipzig - Lviv - Nancy

Research interest
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Personal data:

Hannes Nagel


hannes DOT nagel AT itp DOT uni-leipzig DOT de

Thesis advisor(s):

W. Janke

Thesis title:

Non-Equilibrium Transport Models with Factorized Steady States

List of publications:

[5] Emergence of Dynamic Phases in the Presence of Different Kinds of Open Boundaries in Stochastic Transport with Short-Range Interactions
H. Nagel and W. Janke
ArXiv : arxiv/1508.0061
[4] A Simple Non-Equilibrium, Statistical-Physics Toy Model of Thin-Film Growth
J.K. Ochab, H. Nagel, W. Janke, and B. Waclaw
J. Stat. Mech.: Theor. Exp. (2015) P09013
[3] Boundary Drive Induced Formation of Aggregate Condensates in Stochastic Transport with Short-Range Interactions
H. Nagel, H. Meyer-Ortmanns, and W. Janke
Europhys. Lett. 111 (2015) 30001
[2] Numerical Survey of the Tunable Condensate Shape and Scaling Laws in Pair-Factorized Steady States
E. Ehrenpreis, H. Nagel, and W. Janke
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 47 (2014) 125001-116
[1] Open Boundary Conditions in Stochastic Transport Processes with Pair-Factorized Steady States
H. Nagel, D. Labavić, H. Meyer-Ortmanns, and W. Janke
Physics Procedia 57 (2014) 77-81


16/07/2014 Phases induced by boundary drive in a stochastic transport process from ZRP to short-range interaction
30/05/2013 Droplet distribution of breadth figures -- Application of a tunable PFSS transport model
13/12/2012 Tunable Condensate Shapes in Pair-Factorized Steady States
03/11/2011 Stochastic description of a bistable frustrated unit
21/01/2010 Dynamics of condensation in stoachastic transport processes and MC generation of equilibrated networks
29/01/2009 Statics and Dynamics of a Nearest Neighbor Hopping Process

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