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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

Coventry - Leipzig - Lviv - Nancy

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Personal data:

Martin Marenz


martin DOT marenz AT itp DOT uni-leipzig DOT de

Thesis advisor(s):

W. Janke

Thesis title:

Entwicklung einer Methode zum „Coarse- Grainen“ und Simulieren der Adsorption von Polymeren

List of publications:

[7] Knots as Topological Order Parameter for Semi-Flexible Polymers
M. Marenz and W. Janke
ArXiv : arxiv/1506.0737
[6] Probing the Effect of Density on the Aggregation Temperature of Semi-Flexible Polymers in Spherical Confinement
M. Mueller, J. Zierenberg, M. Marenz, P. Schierz, and W. Janke
Physics Procedia 68 (2015) 95-99
[5] Scaling Properties of Parallelized Multicanonical Simulations
Zierenberg J., Marenz M., Janke W.
Physics Procedia 53 (2014) 55
[4] Aggregation of Theta-Polymers in Spherical Confinement
J. Zierenberg, M. Mueller, P. Schierz, M. Marenz, and W. Janke
J. Chem. Phys. 141 (2014) 14908-1–9
[3] Effect of Bending Stiffness on a Homopolymer Inside a Spherical Cage
M. Marenz and W. Janke
Physics Procedia 57 (2014) 53-57
[2] Scaling properties of a parallel implementation of the multicanonical algorithm
Zierenberg J., Marenz M., Janke W.
Comput. Phys. Comm. 184 (2013) 1155
[1] Simple flexible polymers in a spherical cage
Marenz M., Zierenberg J., Arkin H., Janke W.
Condens. Matter Phys. 15 (2012) 43008


23/05/2013 A single homopolymer in a spherical confinement
02/05/2013 Efficient tools for data analyses I
03/05/2012 Framework for Off-Lattice Monte Carlo Simulations - Part I
17/10/2011 Worm Algorithm in Ordered and Disordered Media (Ncy)
28/04/2011 Worm algorithm in ordered and disordered media

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