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Title Modeling Metropolis Public Transport
Authors von Ferber C., Holovatch T., Holovatch Yu., Palchykov V.
Reference Traffic and Granular Flow (C. Appert-Rolland et al eds) Springer (2009) 709-719
Abstract We present results of a survey of public transport networks (PTNs) of selected 14 major cities of the world with PTN sizes ranging between 2000 and 46000 stations and develop an evolutionary model of these networks. The structure of these PTNs is revealed in terms of a set of neighbourhood relations both for the routes and the stations. The networks defined in this way display distinguishing properties due to the constraints of the embedding 2D geographical space and the structure of the cities. In addition to the standard characteristics of complex networks like the number of nearest neighbours, mean path length, and clustering we observe features specific to PTNs. While other networks with real-world links like cables or neurons embedded in two or three dimensions often show similar behavior, these can be studied in detail in our present case. Geographical data for the routes reveal surprising self-avoiding walk properties that we relate to the optimization of surface coverage. We propose and simulate an evolutionary growth model based on effectively interacting self-avoiding walks that reproduces the key features of PTN.

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