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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

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Title Public transport networks: empirical analysis and modeling
Authors von Ferber C., Holovatch T., Holovatch Yu., Palchykov V.
Reference Eur Phys J B 68 (2009) 261275
Abstract We use complex network concepts to analyze statistical properties of urban public transport networks (PTN). To this end, we present a comprehensive survey of the statistical properties of PTNs based on the data of fourteen cities of so far unexplored network size. Especially helpful in our analysis are different network representations. Within a comprehensive approach we calculate PTN characteristics in all of these representations and perform a comparative analysis. The standard network characteristics obtained in this way often correspond to features that are of practical importance to a passenger using public traffic in a given city. Specific features are addressed that are unique to PTNs and networks with similar transport functions (such as networks of neurons, cables, pipes, vessels embedded in 2D or 3D space). Based on the empirical survey, we propose a model that albeit being simple enough is capable of reproducing many of the identified PTN properties. A central ingredient of this model is a growth dynamics in terms of routes represented by self-avoiding walks.

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