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Title Work fluctuations in small quantum spin chains
Authors Dorosz S., Platini T., Karevski D.
Reference Physical Review E 77 (2007) 051120
Abstract We study the work fluctuations of two types of finite quantum spin chains under the application of a time-dependent magnetic field in the context of the fluctuation relation and Jarzynski equality. The two types of quantum chains correspond to the integrable Ising quantum chain and the non-integrable XX quantum chain in a longitudinal magnetic field. For several magnetic field protocols, the quantum Crooks and Jarzynski relations are numerically tested and fulfilled. As a more interesting situation, we consider the forcing regime where a periodic magnetic field is applied. In the Ising case we give an exact solution in terms of double confluent Heun functions. We show that the fluctuations of the work performed by the external periodic drift are maximum at a frequency proportional to the amplitude of the field. In the non-integrable case, we show that depending on the field frequency a sharp transition is observed between a Poisson limit work distribution at high frequencies toward a normal work distribution at low frequencies.

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