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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

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Title Complex transportation networks: resilience, modelling and optimization
Authors Holovatch T.
Reference Thèse (2011)
External link Lien
Abstract In this study, we have performed a comprehensive analysis of public transport networks(PTN) combining tools of complex network theory, computer modelling, and analytical calculations. We have started from an empirical analysis of the PTN of 14 major cities of the world and have determined their principal characteristics in terms of the complex network theory. Our empirical analysis gives a strong evidence, that the networks under consideration appear to be strongly correlated small-world structures with high values of clustering coefficients and comparatively low mean shortest path values. We further have introduced several PTN models. This was done both in 2d and 1d embedding spaces. In particular, our model of mutually interacting self-avoiding walks in 2d captures both special features of PTN as well as generating profiles of network characteristics in the various representations. We continued our analysis by studying the behavior of PTN under attacks. This enabled us to propose criteria that allow an a priori estimate of PTN robustness.

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