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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

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Conformational Mechanics of Polymer Adsorption Transistions at Attractive Substrates
Monika Möddel
monika DOT moeddel AT itp DOT uni-leipzig DOT de
ITP Leipzig
le Monday 13 October 2008 à 10h25
Salle de séminaire du groupe de Physique Statistique
Conformational phases of a semiflexible off-lattice homopolymer model near an attractive substrate are investigated by means of multicanonical MC simulations. In our model, nonbonded pairs of monomers as well as monomers and the substrate interact via attractive van der Waals forces in addiction to the chains's bending energy. Thermal fluctuations of energetic and structural quantities and adequate docking parameters are analyzed as a function of the temperature. Introducing a solvent parameter that is related to the strength of the surface attraction, we construct and discuss the solubility-temperature phase diagram. Apart from the main phases of adsorbed and desorbed conformations, several other phase transitions such as the freezing transition between energy-dominated crystalline low temperature structures and globular entropy-dominated structures as well as the layering transition between single- and double-layered conformations are identified.

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