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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

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Non-linear quenches of power-law confining potentials in quantum critical systems
Mario Collura
propriomario AT tiscali DOT it
Laboratoire de Physique des Matériaux (Nancy 1)
le Wednesday 28 October 2009 à 15h00
Aula 163, edificio C - Dip. di Fisica, Uni. Pisa (Italy)
We study the loading/deloading in time of a power law confining potential in a quantum critical system. The amplitude of the confining potential follows a non-linear ramp which drives the system across its critical point. For a slow driving rate, we develop a scaling theory which predicts a power law behavior of the density of defects with the ramping rate with an exponent which depends on the space-time properties of the potential. The scaling theory is supported by first order adiabatic calculation and exact results on an inhomogeneous transverse field Ising chain where the full time-evolution of the density of defects is derived.

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