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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

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Conformal symmetry in non-local field-theories
Mohammad Rajabpour
rajabpour AT sissa DOT it
SISSA Trieste
le Monday 21 March 2011 à 16h00
Salle de séminaire du groupe de Physique Statistique
Non-local field-theories, as a method to describe the scaling limit of long-range interacting systems, are well-known for many years and they are much studied in statistical physics. The long-range spin systems and rough surfaces are just two examples from many that could be included. We show for a particular non-local free field-theory that it has conformal symmetry in arbitrary dimensions. Using the local field theory counterparts of these field-theories we find the Noether currents and the Ward identities of the translation, rotation and scale symmetries. The operator product expansion of the introduced energy-momentum tensor with quasi-primary fields is also investigated. We shall have a close look to the rough surfeces as a physical example for our model.

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