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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

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On logarithmic extensions of conformal invariance and on their possible applications to non-equilibrium criitical phenomena
Malte Henkel
henkel AT lpm DOT u-nancy DOT fr
Departement de Physique de la Matiere et des Matériaux, IJL (Nancy 1)
le Wednesday 23 March 2011 à 16h00
Salle de séminaire du groupe de Physique Statistique
A short introduction will be given to simple extensions of conformal invariance, which can be used to describe situations, where the two-point functions of a critical system also contain additional logarithmic factors.
In particular, we shall comment on how such a construction can be extended to variants of conformal symmetry which might be useful in the description of non-equilibrium critical points, as they arise for example in ageing phenomena far from equilibrium. As an example, we shall consider critical directed percolation.
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