16 Out-of-the-Box Wedding Venue Ideas

For a wedding that's anything but basic.

Unique Wedding Venue Ideas | Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA

If the vision you have for your wedding is far from cookie-cutter, start with an unexpected or unconventional venue! You know, the kind of place that makes your wedding an experience rather than simply an event. We've listed 16 ideas for nontraditional locations that will take your wedding to next-level status.

1. Adventure Wedding Locations

Adventure Wedding Locations | Cliffside wedding by Charleton Churchill Photography

Charleton Churchill Photography

"Adventure weddings" take place on top of a mountain, or underneath a waterfall, or deep within a canyon...basically the more epic and off-the-beaten-path the location, the better. Adventure destinations are perfect for the thrill-seeking couple who loves to trek and travel—and who wants a truly exhilarating alternative to the traditional venue!

2. Breweries and Distilleries

Unconventional Wedding Venues - Deep Eddy Vodka Tasting Room, Dripping Springs TX

Deep Eddy Vodka Tasting Room – Dripping Springs, TX

Move over winery weddings, because brewery and distillery venues are trending! Many of these buildings have an industrial-chic vibe, with the added bonus of offering a huge variety of craft beers and spirits on tap. If you're looking for a setting that's as interesting as it is intoxicating, a brewery or distillery venue may be just what the doctor ordered.

3. Festival-style Sites

Unique Wedding Venues | Festival-style Sites, like Elm Pass Woods - Wedding Festivals in Center Point TX

Elm Pass Woods - Wedding Festivals – Center Point, TX

If you want your celebration to have an open-air festival feel, find a boho-chic wedding location in the wilderness! Achieve a "wedding-palooza" vibe by incorporating tents, teepees or yurts, lawn games, food trucks, fire pits, and of course, music! Then party with your VIP guests all weekend long at your own personal #wedfest.

4. Greenhouse and Glasshouse Venues

Unconventional Wedding Venues | Greenhouses and Glasshouses

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden – Pittsburgh, PA | Leeann Marie Photography

From conservatories and atriums to botanical gardens, "glasshouse" wedding venues provide a flora-filled outdoor feel without the worry of inclement weather. Couples can have their cake and eat it, too, with gorgeous garden views in a climate-controlled indoor space. Plus, many of these "living museums" are nonprofit—meaning your rental fees will also support them. What's not to love?

5. Historic Venues

Out-of-the-Box Wedding Venues | Castles and Historic Locations

Oheka Castle Hotel and Estate - Huntington, NY | Steven Turner Photography

Wedding venues with a history—or an air of mystery—offer a unique atmosphere and may even transport you to another place and time. From long-established landmarks to medieval castles, historic venues provide one-of-a-kind settings that capture the imagination. And if you really want to surprise your guests, host your wedding in an actual haunted house where paranormal phenomena is a real possibility!

6. Museums, Libraries, and Galleries

Out of the Box Wedding Venue Ideas | San Diego Natural History Museum

San Diego Natural History Museum – San Diego, CA

Frequently known for dramatic architecture, incredible exhibits, and curated collections—museums, libraries, and galleries are works of art in themselves! They often provide such a striking backdrop that little else is needed in terms of décor. Tie the knot amongst dinosaur fossils, in front of priceless paintings or treasured books, or in a planetarium underneath the stars.

7. Nightclubs and Lounges

Cool Wedding Venue Ideas | club XLIV & Encore

Club XLIV & Encore - New Orleans, LA

If you want your wedding reception to have a cool nightclub vibe, then why not host your event in an actual nightclub? Once they turn down the EDM and turn off the strobe lights, many nightclubs magically transform into contemporary event spaces. And as an added bonus, because they don't normally have noise restrictions, they can let your party go way past the typical wedding venue "curfew".

8. Rooftop Venues

Unique Wedding Venues | Rooftop Event Spaces

Tribeca Rooftop – New York, NY | Sean Gallery Photography

If you're looking to positively wow your guests with a million-dollar view, you'll want to consider a wedding on a rooftop terrace. Imagine a wedding ceremony in front of a panoramic city skyline, or a killer dance party that feels like it's on top of the world. Talk about raising the bar (and raising the roof) when it comes to your venue!

9. Sports Facilities

Unconventional Wedding Venue Ideas | Telluride Ski Resort Venues

Telluride Ski Resort Venues – Telluride, CO

From bowling alleys and ice skating rinks to ski resorts and even circus training facilities, sports facility venues make many fitness-loving couples feel right at home! Imagine dining under a trapeze net while enjoying whimsical aerial performances, or lacing up your bowling shoes after you cut the cake. These sportier venues are a great option if you're looking to have a more wholesome, family-friendly celebration.

10. Stadiums and Theaters

Nontraditional Wedding Venues | Stadiums and Theatres

Target Field® – Minneapolis, MN

Rent out your favorite team's stadium during the off-season and say "I Do" on the field. Or get married on the stage of a grand theatre with your name in lights on the marquee. Serve beer and hot dogs, or movie-theater candy and popcorn. These venues are a fantastic mix of unconventional and nostalgic, so have fun with the "theme" and run with it!

11. Summer Camps and Retreats

Nontraditional Wedding Venue Ideas | Summer Camps and Retreats

Cabins on Strawberry Hill – Strawberry, AZ

If some of your fondest memories include roasting s'mores, swimming in lakes, and dominating three-legged races, you'll get all the warm-and-fuzzy feels from tying the knot at summer camp! Invite your guests to the great outdoors and relive your camp days with a party beneath the stars. You can opt for a casual, rustic celebration or bring in all the fancy décor and have a glamping-inspired wedding! The (starry) sky's the limit with a campground venue.

12. Train Stations

Unique Wedding Venues | The Ashton Depot – Fort Worth, TX

The Ashton Depot – Fort Worth, TX

Train stations evoke the grandeur of locomotive travel in a bygone era. Many of them include soaring vaulted ceilings, huge windows, and marble floors, as well as outdoor event spaces. Marrying vintage architecture with modern amenities, they're the perfect mix of industrial and elegant. If you've got a thing for romance and railways, a train station venue is a fantastic choice.

13. Treehouses

Unique + Cool Wedding Venues | Treehouses

TreeHouse Point – Issaquah, WA

Want to unleash your inner child and embrace your love of nature all at once? Get hitched in a treehouse! Treehouse venues are an up-and-coming wedding trend—and they've come a long way since you were a kid. Grown-up amenities take treehouses to the next level, and they now incorporate everything from beautiful balconies and suspension bridges to fireplaces and Jacuzzis! Plus, many treehouse venues have multiple cabins where you and your guests can stay the night.

14. Warehouses and Factories

Alternative Wedding Venue Ideas | The Ice Plant Bldg – La Grange, TX

The Ice Plant Bldg – La Grange, TX

Industrial-chic weddings are still having their moment—which means former factories, revamped warehouses, and converted lofts are among the trendiest wedding venues around. These spaces are total blank slates with characteristics like exposed brick, peeling paint, visible pipes, and cement floors. Pair a raw framework with modern wedding décor and you've got a striking event space that's both gritty and glamorous.

15. Yachts and Boats

Nontraditional Wedding Venue Ideas | Yachts and Boats

City Cruises Chicago – Chicago, IL | Photography by Lauryn

Thanks to picturesque harbor, coastal, and skyline views—not to mention the possibility of a glorious sunset—getting married on the water is a visual treat. Embark upon your marital voyage with a stunning wedding on the high seas...or bay harbor! These all-inclusive vessels can host an open-air top-deck ceremony, followed by cocktail hour on the second deck and a sit-down dinner in an elegant, enclosed dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows. Pretty dreamy, right?

16. Zoos and Aquariums

Unconventional Wedding Venues | Zoos and Aquariums

California Academy of Sciences – San Francisco, CA | Larissa Cleveland Photography

Take a walk on the wild side at a zoo or aquarium! Imagine saying your vows accompanied by elephants or giraffes…or dining next to a floor-to-ceiling glass tank full of sea life. And as a bonus, at many zoos and aquariums a percentage of the rental fee helps support ongoing conservation and wildlife protection efforts. What could be more perfect for creature-loving couples who want an unconventional (and unforgettable!) event!

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